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COVID-19 Resources-Recursos

Food Industry


Cooks who Care document of resources for food service industry workers

Mutual Aid

Movement Alliance Project & Philly We Rise: Mutual Aid Resource List

UniteHere Philly

Local 274 union representing workers in hotel, gaming, food service and more. Pushing for fair labor that put workers rights first. Learn more.

Community Legal Services

CLS resources on worker health and safety, as well as resources for immigrant workers


CRSH list of current food service petitions that shows worker demands and ways to advocate

Immigration Status FAQs

Philadelphia Legal Assistance (PLA) FAQ sheet for undocumented workers about Unemployment Compensation Benefits



Auction aiming to raise awareness & funds for the immigrant workforce of US restaurants.

Donations for Philly Workers

A virtual spreadsheet compiling food service workers in need of financial support. Join the list or donate to those on it. List of additional relief funds.

Proyecto Tamal

Lost Bread Co

Support Latino cooks who are out of work due to COVID19 by purchasing tamales made by featured cooks each week.

Fair Workweek


Philly Mayor's Office of Labor handouts on retail, restaurant, and hotel worker rights under Fair Workweek Law



Wage Theft

Philly Mayor's Office of Labor informational sheet on wage theft and how workers can protect themselves



Philly Mayor's Office of Labor informational sheet on how to apply for Unemployment Compensation Benefits


Paid Sick Leave Overview

Philly Mayor's Office of Labor handouts on worker rights under the Paid Sick Leave Law



Paid Sick Leave In-Depth

Philly Mayor's Office of Labor informational sheet with in-depth details on paid sick leave law


Worldwide Strikes

A list of current strikes (both national and international) working for economic reform in response to existing issues worsened by COVID-19

Family First Coronavirus Response Act

U.S. Department of Labor handout AND UniteHere handouts on employee rights under the FFCR Act

A Just Food System

Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council list of information and resources

Aunt Bertha

Social Care Network

Searchable database for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more by zipcode.

Philly Worker Demands

A toolkit for Philly Workers for organizing to make local policy changes

Philly Office of Labor

Philly Mayor's Office of Labor handouts containing contact information and benefits and wage compliance overview



ROC Resources

Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) national resource list for restaurant workers

Mutal Aid Disaster Relief

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is a grassroots disaster relief network based on the principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and autonomous direct action.

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