Our Mission

The Coalition for Restaurant Safety & Health (CRSH) is a group of hospitality & food service workers and allies organizing to create safer, harassment-free work cultures. We create tools with workers and employers for self-empowerment, practicing boundaries & consent, bystander intervention, and labor organizing. We believe a workplace free of intersectional sexual harassment and dehumanizing treatment is needed to ensure dignity, equality, consent, and solidarity in our society.

Our Vision

We envision a worker-led hospitality & food service industry where intersectional sexual harassment policies and practices are the standard, not the exception. We envision a Philadelphia where all of us--workers, managers and supervisors, industry leaders, unions, policymakers, and customers—are part of the solution to workplace harassment and help create a safer, consent-based society.

Our Work

We provide education through intersectional sexual harassment prevention trainings, legal guidance on implementing anti-harassment policies, and resources on how workers can build solidarity and organize their workplaces.